Technical Content Marketing

Technical Content Marketing focuses on the key specifications and features of a product. Normally, marketing should avoid the use of jargon or inside information. But crucially, technical marketing is designed to appeal to people with a basic technical appreciation of a product.

Why is technical marketing important for Software Industry?

  • At the heart of every single digital marketing strategy is content, especially the technical one!
  • A very attractive Return on Investment (ROI) on consistent content.
  • Technical marketing is a key aspect of a successful content marketing strategy
  • This type of marketing centers on exactly how a product or service works.

advyra Tactics

If you sell a technical product, you need to attract technical end-users. But you will also need to make a strong business case for your product. This typically means convincing someone in leadership that your product either improves productivity or saves money.

We help to build a Bridge from Technology to Market

We will support with the right business case content to make sure execs have all the information they need to make the right decision.

We develop multiple content lanes.

Your company doesn’t have to rely on a single type of content for acquisition. We provide several lanes to optimize ROIs

Good content is good business.

We focus on how to position your company in the market and make sure each piece is addressing the audiences' needs and optimizing the sales conversions.

It is the core of your SEO Journey!

advyra Results

Technical Content Marketing is a great way for your brand to succeed in the increasingly competitive digital world that we live in today. With the right strategy and quality content, you can help your brand enhance web traffic levels, increase your overall brand awareness, and boost sales.

Content Increases Brand Awareness
Content Fuels Other Marketing Channels
Position Your Company as an Expert
Close gaps in your conversion funnel.

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